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Customization, Significant Savings with Percetakan Pro-Spencer, the #1 Printing Services Provider • Metallic Packaging Printing Services & Offset Printing Services

Proprint is a printing services provider which allows its customers the ability to drive up and order (from online) their choice of custom and instant printing materials. Proprint is offering a high quality Malaysia printing services option from web to print, print on demand, instant digital offset and metalized foil printing for more personalized and creative product and paper engineering to enhance the value of the printing materials. Not only on mere papers alone, we also provide packaging printing services such as metallic packaging which can be printed by bulk and with any custom print.

To better serve the Bumiputra entrepreneur and to reach larger target market with more products, more services and more capabilities, Proprint intends to expand its business as a printing services provider with a new capital equipment, with new software inform of e commerce solutions and marketing services through digital, direct and social methods. By adding a new press with better quality, more colors, higher productivity and more capabilities including being able to print on more types of papers and substrates, and by going online and selling products through e-commerce, Proprint can serve different types of customer and more of them besides their different needs and outside of the local market. This represents an exponential growth in Proprint addressable market compared to what our capabilities today. Being the top Malaysia printing services company, we will continue to offer its current mixtures of printed products and services: labels, posters, flyers, brochures, forms, coupons, tickets, business cards, identification cards, rubber stamps and packaging printing services, metalized foil printing, metallic packaging, with custom designs. But additionally, Proprint will offer new printed products with more color and paper options, and products that can be customized and personalized. In addition to this, we also offer bulk printing for those who need it for a huge number of printing as our offset printing services offer cheaper medium but require more time to process.


Proprint's Market Focus • The Noteworthy Malaysia Printing Services Company

Proprint will focus on three markets:

A. Government Sector

B. Mission Statement
C. Keys to Success
D. Company Ownership/Legal Entity
E. Location
F. Products